Thursday, November 28, 2013

More Vancouver bunny sightings - Part 3

A few more bunny sightings, of the not-necessarily-for-sale variety ...

One of Dr. Mrs. Bunnymom's favorite stores

Sign inside Lush store - part of their anti-animal testing campaign

Read about this here

Well, the sign said "buns", so we included it

Fresh veggies made us think of...

On a window

Mannequin in
children's clothing
store window,
Redfish Kids

Window at airport

Detail from window above

Animal stickers

Bunny sticker (second row, left)

Detail of shrubs at Butchart Gardens
(pronounced Bushart).
Looked like a bunny head to us.

For sale in Chinatown store, Victoria


  1. I have had that White Rabbit candy! The rabbit manequin though, scary!

  2. OMG - they ACTUALLY ARE taking over ...

  3. Are those candies milk-flavor? I think I had some of these about 20years ago!! A boy in my class at school brought them back from Chinese New Year!