Saturday, November 23, 2013

The DBF (Dead Bunny Flop)

No - the bunny is not really dead. It seems that this gives many new bunny owners heart attacks.

But it means you are doing a good job!
Because they are secure in their surroundings and comfortable enough to relax.
Your bunny's other "Seal of Approval" is when they binky - you have a happy bunny.

Our very own Alice demonstrates the basic DBF.

Black & Sabbath demonstrate the 4 feet in the air DBF
As commentors on the RR Facebook page noted:
This is expert level DBF and Peanut could teach classes.


  1. I just love it when they do this!xx Rachel

  2. I love doing the binky twisted jump. One day Mum will take an action shot!
    X Neville

  3. Mine never do that with their feet in the air. I love when they are completely florperated but it freaks me out everytime. I know they are fine but I cannot...resist....walking over to check........and then they wake up. It would help if they didn't sleep with their eyes open!!!!