Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bonded bunny snuggles

If you get bunnies, consider adopting a bonded pair. They keep company, groom each other and play together. We have a threesome and here they are snuggling in different pairs and sometimes all together.

Lucy & Ethel

Ethel grooming Lucy.
Ethel seems to do most of the grooming.
Bunya joins in for some licks.
We call this the Bunmuda Triangle.

Hanging out in the sunbeam.
Bunya indicates to Ethel that he wants her to groom him
by sliding under her. A little too far.
Some side-by-side snuggling
at the pen gate (a favored bunny spot).

Bunya is down low, a way of asking Ethel to groom him.
Sometimes, when the bunnies are offered a treat BUT
THINK they are going to be picked up for grooming
or their at-home physical,
they will line up for the treat inside their pen,
behind the perceived safety of their fence.

Understand: The gate to their pen is wide open -
this was their "defensive" positioning choice.
Just bonded bunnies, hanging together.

If you have learned what's involved in having bunnies as pets (your masters, really) and want one, please adopt and consider adopting a fixed, bonded pair from a shelter. Rescue shelters will soon be flooded with abandoned "Easter" bunny impulse buys. House Rabbit Society (HRS) chapters teach a Bunny 101 class and fix the bunnies before adopting them out to new homes (at an adoption fee much less than the vet's fee to fix them, making it a bargain). Check out HRS here (chapters listed in the left hand column).


  1. it would be nice to have a play mate for Speedy,but Can't afford it,plus I an not sure how well it would go now,xx Rachel

  2. The hubby & I have become Lola's 'bonded buddies'. When we found him, his bonded friend had just been taken away - by animal control. It's a long, weird story, & we often wonder about the missing bun, but we're both home all the time, & enjoy giving him all the loving he wants. Well - we could do without the near-constant threat of our hands & feet being humped, but it is funny, seeing how sneaky the lil booger can be, in the attempts!

  3. Ethel and Lucy have some fine bunny butts!