Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter bunny napkin folding

Materials: Cotton or linen napkins, starched

1. Fold starched napkin into thirds to form a rectangle. (If you're using a square napkin, you'll need to fold in half, and then fold in half again to get a long rectangular shape.)
2. Crease in half to create a center line for reference; fold top corners down along this line.
3. Fold up from bottom corners along dotted lines.
4. Bring left and right edges together on center line.

5. Flip upside down and over. Turn up bottom point.

6. To fasten: Fold left and right corners back; tuck one corner into the pocket of the other. Pull out bunny ears first; open up base.

If you are a little less formal, here's a video showing how to fold paper napkins:


  1. I miss seeing Bunya, Ethel and Lucy, hope they're doing well!

    1. They're fine. Sorry for the gap. Just posted about them.

  2. Love it,hope the buns are well,xx Rachel

    1. They're good. Trying to get some posts about them up soon.