Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rearranging the bunny furniture

To keep the bunnies entertained and not bored, one thing we do is occasionally mix up their pen. Most recently, the pen had The Two Towers, two castle towers that is (from The Blissful Bunny). There was a bridge between the two.

For this iteration, we removed one tower and placed it on the top of their funhouse. The bridge was stored and replaced with a ramp.

Bunya beat Ethel to the high ground.

One tower on top of their funhouse.
Lucy watching TV.

The latest version of their pen.
It gives them a little more running around room.
The three bunmigos are gathered around their dinner dish
in the upper right corner.
Here, Ethel claimed the high ground first (her favorite)
but Bunya is underneath her and Lucy by the side.
They seem to have adapted quickly and be enjoying it.