Thursday, March 19, 2015

Birthday bunny stuff

To clarify, bunny stuff I got for my birthday.
Our (and GHRS's) best guess is that the abandoned sisters, Lucy & Ethel, are Pisces and were assigned birthdays accordingly. I am a Pisces, too, and for some inexplicable reason, people send me bunny stuff.

Coolest bunny item!
Bunny art from my NC artist cousin,
mixed media entitled "Bonded Pair"

(You may have noticed that part of the mixed media
includes cardboard - an integral part of any domestic pet bunny's life.)

Lifelong friend and part-time origami artist sent me the third of "My Three Buns"
(apologies to Fred MacMurray et al, if you are old enough to get the reference)
All in different positions, now representing Bunya, Lucy & Ethel
(note how detailed in the fold, so that it looks like they have eyes
by just folding the dollar bill so the right part is on the head)

And bunny cards!

Inside L: Hope your birthday is magical.
Inside R: Hoping all your dreams come true on your birthday.

(So you can source cards)

Having a birthday close to Easter guarantees plenty of bunny cards,
so some get modified.
Inside L: Everybunny dance now!
[And there is a dancing (vibrating) bunny as the song plays]
Inside R: Fortunately, that's all that I need!
[All anyone could stand, more likely.]

(So you can source cards)

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