Friday, March 13, 2015

One day at the bunny bistro

Just another day in bunny-land. This bistro has two sections: pooping and non-pooping.

Or perhaps it's more that Lucy was in the main dining room and Bunya was at the dessert bar. Yeah, I guess that sounds more appetizing. If there was sound, you could hear the hay cubes thumping the bottom of the box, but the TV was on... a restaurant show, ironically.

The box is where the bunnies get their hay cubes. Theoretically, it's to help reduce the spread of hay cube dust. And stepping on an errant hay cube is similar to stepping on a Lego. Of course, the contained box concept is ruined when Lucy comes and bosses the chunks of hay cube out of the box and to wherever she decides to take them.

Ethel stops by to check out the dessert bar menu, but since she had eaten there earlier, she passed the second time.

Ethel: Well, if the paparazzi is going to stick his camera
in my face while I'm trying to eat, I'm leaving.

[And she did.]

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