Sunday, March 1, 2015

(Some of) What Bunny Volunteers Do

Easter is coming, 04-05-2015.
Please do NOT get a rabbit for Easter or give one as a gift.

The stories below are examples of what happens to these poor animals.
If they are not:
A. killed from improper care (e.g., bunnies need hay, not carrots; many pet store "treats" sold for bunnies can be deadly) or
B. neglected in a corner of the garage or in a hutch (that exposes them to temperature extremes, noxious fumes, no socialization and cramped quarters), then
C. uncaring owners may "release" them into the wild (for which domestic bunnies have no coping skills).

1. Give hours of time to rescuing and rehabbing abandoned bunnies, often nursing them back to health,
2. Transport bunnies to the vet or elsewhere as needed,
3. Provide a safe, clean, caring environment to house the bunnies,
4. Educate people on how to care for bunnies,
5. Often take these bunnies into their own homes to foster when the shelter is filled to capacity (as it is too often and especially a few weeks after Easter),
6. Look for forever homes for these pets,
7. Advocate for rabbits where often gross mistreatment is uncovered,
8. Donate their own money to the cause and hold fundraising events,
And (finally, to the point of this story) -
9. Are bunny wranglers.
[I am probably forgetting a lot more.]

So to connect item C with item 9 above, here are a couple of the cases from last month. Volunteers tried over weeks to corral these two survivors, dubbed "warrior bunnies" for their incredible will to live. Their survival over these last frigid winter weeks makes their stories even more amazing.

The now named Annie Oakley was spotted near a facility on Oak street, hence the name. She was one of 4 abandoned bunnies. One's body was found after being hit by a car and the other two disappeared, likely prey to the colony of feral cats that lived where they were thoughtfully abandoned.
Abandoned bunny


Annie Oakley!

Annie Oakley in her new safe digs
Update from Ellen, the volunteer who took her in: I brought the bunny home and she settled in quite nicely! She finally started eating pellets and Exact, and I couldn't believe how many times this rabbit flopped and rolled over! This was probably the first time in weeks this bunny felt truly safe. She looked so relaxed and happy! She's still very skittish, but looked happy with flopping and grooming! 

Delta was spotted - well, you figure it out - this is Atlanta! In both cases, volunteers were restricted from accessing certain areas, like where the bunnies spent a lot of time. But they persevered and were able to rescue Delta, too.


Delta - safe inside where domestic bunnies belong!

Here are a few topical memes from the Bunny Advocacy Memes page of this blog. Maybe you can share some of the Easter bunny advocacy memes on your blog or Facebook timeline as the holiday approaches.

Please consider donating to your local animal shelter. Any amount is appreciated. There is no donation too small - of money or your time.

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If you made it this far, thank you.

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