Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bunny care - The Bunny Burrito (with Alice, er, well, I mean Theodore)

This technique, illustrated in a most professional manner by the nurse at our vet, is for when you need to control the bunny in a firm manner, for example, to administer medicine or inspect dentition.

The bunny volunteer from our audience today is, of course, Alice Theodore, for whom the burrito hold was an imperative. (But for the name change, I could have called this post "Alice in Chains" - that's just a band reference, nothing dirty).

(Pink eyes = Alice Theodore
Blue eyes = Ethel.
Do not confuse the two, although it is admittedly hard to distinguish from this photo.)
OMG, Theodore is such a cute bunny.

Have your vet or an HRS volunteer show you how to wrap your bunnies in a towel so that they stay with you and do not hurt you or themselves.

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