Saturday, January 22, 2011

Personality - Ethel

Ethel, aka Effy, Effel. The pipsqueak.

Ethel is the peacemaker of the trio. If she were in high school, she would be voted "Most Likely to Give Licks to Her Penmates". If we come upon the three of them all hunkered together, she is usually the one grooming the others. She is also the snuggle-bunny.

My wife will set Ethel in her lap and sit in front of the computer, checking e-mails with the mouse in one hand and the bunny in the other hand. Or on the other hand. Or under the other hand.

Yes, I am quite comfortable, thank you.

Mmmfph ... a little more towards the back, please.


Ethel seems to like pellets and treats more than her veggies. While Bunya and Lucy are chowing down on breakfast, she'll wander into the kitchen to see what I am doing. This usually gets her a little bowl of crumbles she can munch without peer pressure.

If Ethel were a cartoon character, she would be Jeffy in Family Circus. You know how they show him getting from point A to point B and the path curves all over the place? That's Ethel. When I put treats on their plate, Bunya and Lucy are like heat seeking missiles and head straight for it at high speed.

Ethel is off somewhere, having stopped to smell the roses. She'll lift her head and look around like, is there something going on? Realizing it's something to eat, she'll run wide behind the sofa, under the coffee table, through the cardboard tunnel, behind the cardboard condo, and finally meander in to the last few remnants of whatever was served.

Perhaps that how she keeps her svelte figure.

How do you see your pet's personality?


  1. LOVE Ethel! How sweet! I have four and they all have distinct personalities. Jamal is like an old crazy uncle that likes you to sit on his lap and talk and eat snacks. He is lovable. Loves everybody and everything. His wife, Luna is terrified of everything, but she's the most beautiful BWB ever! She is the best snuggler because she burrows in as closely as she can to whoever will hold her. Ding is a crazy girl. Beautiful Harley Girl and lives up to her name! She's married to Cooper. He's depressed, emotional, cranky guy who likes to sulk. She grooms him and he lets her hang around. Works for them. Ha!

  2. I can't change my name... I was SIXbunnies for so long ... I am only FOUR now, but can't change it. Lost my Rosie and Brewster to EC this last winter. Still too sad.