Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top 10 Ways You Know You Love Your Bunny Rabbit [Part 1]

It's all about the bunnies! [Feel free to substitute dog, cat or whatever your pet is for “bunny”.]

1. Your friends and relatives all buy you bunny stuff.
See myriad pictures down right column

2. Your family sends you bunny cards for your birthday.
Even if they have to save up Easter cards and write "birthday" over "Easter"

3. You shop for the freshest greens at the farmer's markets.
But you don't eat salads

4. Your family tells you how much healthier you'd be if you ate more like your bunnies.
Constantly ... give it up already, like I haven't heard this 100 times

5. You have more pictures of your bunnies on your cell phone than anything else.
Yeah, sorry about that, kids

6. You wear a Bugs Bunny costume every Halloween.
Batman is not even in the running

7. Your favorite dance is the Bunny Hop.
What's "Disco"?

8. The only bumper sticker you ever put on any of the cars you’ve ever owned reads: Let me tell you about my bunnies!
My bunny is cuter than your honor student

9. The first thing you do in the morning, after answering nature’s call, is go feed the bunnies.
And they are soooo excited to see you.

10. Your computer bookmarks are all bunny-related sites.
Do you need any others?

(Many thanks to my many pet-loving friends and relatives who cheerfully added to this list.)

Just what are the humans hiding up these stairs???
How can you tell that you love your pet?


  1. How about being covered in fur all the time or always having scratches on your chest. Or maybe that's just me.-charla(NGHRS)

  2. That's not just you, thef1chick! Me, too! Me, too! And, there are poops everywhere ... in places you KNOW the buns have not been .. I have one stuck to the wall in the sunroom. How did that happen? The dog thinks bunny poos are doggie treats ... don't tell her any different! Hahahah! I carry hay bales in my care and have about 1/4 inch of hay in the seats, floors, etc. AND, it doesn't bother me one bit. Yes, to the hair. I have false eyelashes made out of bunny hair ... unintentionally!