Sunday, January 2, 2011


New first-hand information from Alice's new human:
Alice is not an only bunny. She is one of seven bunnies, three cats, and a Great Dane, and yet we have a very peaceful household....

He is slowly sidling up to the other rabbits, and they are gradually allowing it. They will now generally allow him to eat hay and treats with them....

All in all, Theodore is a joy, and he seems to take joy in his new home. His continuing adaptation to life with us shows visibly every day.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the big reveal: Alice is a boy bunny!
This slipped by countless professionals.
In their defense, "Alice" was a very small bunny, with humongous rabbitude.
In Theodore's defense, maybe he was so angry because he got a girl's name!
(Check out the lyrics to "A Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash.)

And so in tribute to Theodore, nee' Alice, a short presentation:
Any way you slice it, that is one Theo-dorable bunny.
And we are very, very happy that he is assimilating into his new fraternity.
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