Saturday, February 12, 2011

Top 10 Ways You Know You Love Your Bunny [Part C]

[Feel free to substitute dog, cat or whatever your pet is for “bunny”.]

1. Your computer wallpaper is a picture of your bunny.
Not your spouse.
Not your children.
You take constant grief for this.
If they ever find out your screensaver is a bunny slide show...

2. In a tender moment with your spouse, you scratch him/her behind the ears.
What so wrong about this?!? You love them!

3. You shop for "entertaining" boxes to hold your warehouse store purchases.
You have your standards ... plain brown boxes; minimal ink; no slick paper; big enough to jump into or on, hide in, cut doors and windows in...

4. A beautiful person walks by and you notice the bunny-themed accessory they are wearing.
Did you see those perfectly adorable bunny earings!?!

5. You buy them more than the regular Timothy hay.
Okay, you seek out more varietals than a vintner...
Western Timothy hay and "treat" flavors like orchard grass hay and oat hay.
And while you serve them lots of the Timothy hay, as you should, you add a couple of "side dishes" of the others.

6. People can identify your pets by the hairs on your clothes.
That's a lot of hair ... you have how many bunnies???

7. You have a lint brush or lint roller in the bunny room.
And your bedroom. The kitchen. Your car. The office…

8. You really hate it when you go out of town and have to board them.
You feel a disturbance in the force.

9. When people ask how you are doing, you tell them about your bunnies.
The latest really cute thing they did.
The mischief they got into.
The results of their semi-annual vet check-up...

10. One bunny is not enough!
There are so many that need homes at your local HRS chapter. Adopt one today.
Better - adopt a bonded pair.
Caution: If you are married, find the balance between maximum number of bunnies in the household and staying married.

How many bunnies can you find in this picture?
(Hint: Look for three.)
(Thanks to my many pet-loving friends and relatives who cheerfully added to this list ... I'm about out, so send me some more of your pet-loving thoughts!)

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How can you tell that you love your pet?

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  1. this made me smile! I'd add singing to your bunny to the list.