Monday, February 28, 2011

Year of the Rabbit Stamps!

I received a package from my sister, on which she used stamps that were an assortment of characters from the Sunday funnies. And it made me think, "Hey, I wonder if there's a bunny stamp?"

And there is! Cool!

And it has a big picture of KUMQUATS on it.
Of course. I would expect no less.
When I think of kumquats, I can't help but think about bunnies...
maybe having them neutered (or spayed).

Oh, wait ... in the upper left hand corner is a tiny bunny. Neat. Obviously, my skills do not lie within the realm of art and design, because for the Year of the Rabbit, silly me would have made the RABBIT the big part of the design picture.

You can decide for yourself if there is a bunny stamp.
Or if it remains as elusive as Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman and the Loch Ness monster. Bunya, Lucy & Ethel were sorely disappointed.
Do bunnies even eat kumquats?
Do you?

P.S. Sis, I got the package; this is your confirmation. Loved the stamps. Wish I could mail you something with some bunny stamps.
> : (

Hey, wait! Maybe in the Year of the Kumquat ...


  1. I think you can have us postage stamps custom made with whatever you want - even your own bunny - on them!

  2. True. And I may have to succumb. But I would rather not pay $1 for a $0.44 stamp.

  3. Post about Lucy's cover bun honor!

  4. You can mail her some YOTR stamps from other countries. It seems that EVERYONE else got it right. We failed to represent.-NGHRS Charla