Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Top 10 Ways You Know You Love Your Bunny Rabbit [Part Deux]

[Feel free to substitute dog, cat or whatever your pet is for “bunny”.]

1. You have a different voice that is just for the bunnies.
I didn't know my wife even had a pet voice until we got bunnies

2. You talk to them when you come home from work.
Not just about YOUR day, but asking about theirs

3. You squinch your lips together and try to match the speed of the motor in your bunny’s nose when he's looking at you.
And, yes, you do look like the village idiot

4. You call your bunny “my little baby.”
She's approaching 10 years old

5. Your t-shirts are all bunny-themed.
You buy them from the bunny sites bookmarked on your computer

6. You rip the rabbit recipes out of your cooking magazines.
Other than that inhumanity, those magazines are sacred (see Affection for bunnies)

7. You delight in giving them treats because they get so excited.
And run high speed circles around your feet

8. You love it when they excitedly run up to greet guests.
It's like when your kids finally quit hiding behind your leg and would say "hello" when meeting new people

9. The bunny toys outnumber your kids’ toys.
Hey, the kids are just gonna' play on the computer anyway

10. When you are dining out, you always think of them as you admire the salad course.
So you order a “field greens salad, no dressing, to go” for the floor diners.
Of course, they may choose to eat on the sofa or coffee table while watching their favorite TV shows.

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(Thanks to my many pet-loving friends and relatives who cheerfully added to this list.)

Oooh - from my favorite restaurant! Perfectly prepared!
How can you tell that you love your pet?

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