Sunday, September 18, 2011

Afraid of Shark Week? HA - try Shed Week!

It seems to have started again.
This is just a small sample from a weekly grooming. A lot of it gets sucked up in the hand vacuum.

You can spot whose hair is where.
Bunya is the upper left third. Lucy is at the bottom and Ethel at top right.

Love this season. Sitting, reading or watching TV...
the stir of air from the lazy ceiling fan ...
tufts of bunny hair gently floating on the breeze...

It's a vicious cycle: Loud noise. Bunny thump. Loud noise. Bunny thump...

Everyone, all together now:

... time has passed since I started this post above (a week or so).
Now the bunnies are really looking shaggy. Bunya's got little tufts sticking out all over, especially from his poor butt. Ethel is all one color - white - so she is always in season and looks the best. Lucy has little white undercoat tufts peeking out from her form-fitting black capri pants, but it may be from when she sits on Ethel (see head butt).

Last night, I picked up Ethel, who for some reason is incredibly drawn to munch on the carpet fringe. I covered the fringe (again) with some of their cardboard playthings and took her to sit with me on the couch. After petting her for a while, she jumped off and left a little hair model of herself on me.

Groomed them this morning.

Grooming advice:
Either do not wear a black T-shirt
(effectively a bunny hair magnet) or
have a lint brush handy (we always do).
This is only a portion of what remains
after Bunya would tolerate no more grooming.
The rest may be in the hand vac, in the trash can,
or, mostly, floating around in the rays of sunlight.

The girls won't eat a treat while being held or while they are being groomed. They can be persuaded to indulge once we're finished and they have reclaimed the floor.

When I put down Bunya after grooming, I always get several rear feet "flick-offs" as he hops away. This, although he doesn't seem to mind eating all those treats while being groomed. Short memory.

How do your pets react to grooming?


  1. I have to bribe my rabbit to be groomed. I first put on an apron (to catch the fluff) and sit outside with him feeding him petromalt treatums as I groom. He hates his butt being groomed but loves his head and cheeks!

    I know what you mean about the hand vac. I have to hand vac my bunny's cage every day!

  2. @Rose - That's because you have that adorable lionhead, right!
    Rabbit Ramblings readers - check out the cute bunny Yeti at: