Monday, September 5, 2011

Guest appearance -- Wild bunny from New England

A Roving Rabbit Ramblings Reporter and Photographer captured (with her camera) a wild bunny on one of her expeditions.
Wild bunneh!
This little fellow, who looks like he shares an ancestor with Bunya, was roaming around the Green Animals Topiary Gardens in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

Actually, the photographer is my niece and she is skilled. One of her goals is to visit all the states. You can read about her adventures and see some more stunning pictures at a blog she started a few months ago at  Americana the Beautiful.

Yeah, yeah, my whole family looks for bunnies for me. You got that concept, right? Bunny cards, bunny pictures, bunny web links, bunny toys - for bunnies and that look like bunnies, bunny cartoons in the funnies...
Just look at Bunny Things.

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