Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wii Bunny Bowling

Well, it's not actually the bunnies Wii bowling. It's me.
Love of animals goes back a ways.

Well, it's not exactly Mii that started it.

Before a couple of weeks ago,
I had never played on a Wii.
Until my mother made me.
My 92 year old mother.
(Mom pictured slightly younger, at right)

Now she's on a league.
And she insisted I get one.
(Thank you, Mom)

But here's what I don't get. The bunnies can flop out in their pen, exchanging licks, eating hay and watching TV ... of course, all the while keeping a wary eye out for anyone who might walk near the treats.

So what is so engaging about my trying to get some exercise Wii bowling that they get off their furry little butts and come hang out in my "lane"??? Here is the progression:

Bunya starts off to my left.
As I walk down the lane to swing the "ball" (controller),
he is so close his whiskers brush my foot.

Then he decides to get right in the middle.
Their pen takes up a huge amount of space.
There's not much left for the humans as it is
(for which I already get a bunch of malarkey).

Bunya calls Lucy over to join him,
in the "lane."

Not to be left out, Ethel joins the camp-out in the "lane,"
so my path can be completely obstructed.
The only 8 square feet I am asking for...

I don't know if they were trying to get a better view of the action, or bunnymail me into giving them more treats (yes, I did).

When I was a kid, I remember there were bowling programs on TV.
Not in a single one, do I ever recall bunnies in their lanes.

How do your pets "get in the way"?


  1. Hi! I was intrigued as to what you meant by "bunny bowling" but now I get it! (I had visions of you rolling your bunnies across the living room!) Tee hee.

    My bunny constantly trips me up. If it is near teatime, he knows and one minute he will be the other side of the room, the next i am tripping of him!

  2. My long-suffering best friend has long has his recreational activities closely monitored by our bunnies. Gunn, our lop, sat up and neatly nipped the cord to his video game controller in half in the middle of a game. Kaylee, our Dutch, won't allow him to read. If she spots him with a book or any other reading material, she will run over, snatch it right out of his hands, and throw it aside. >.<

  3. Very cute and smart of your bunnies to get your attention. We have a nightly ritual, I gather water dishes to clean and my Bella lays completely across the door way blocking my path. Every now and again as I step over her, I feel her nose bonks telling me it's time to rub on the bunny - payment necessary to cross the door way...

  4. @Rose - I love that visual. Have to call that game "Angry Bunnies". That would be good exercise, too - trying to catch Lucy.

    @HareForce - I sympathize. When I set up the Wii, I removed the kids' old, unused system ... and found somebunny had made piecework of the power cord and the wire connecting the game to the TV. This would have been the work of Alice, who disappeared behind the unit one day long ago.

    @Lavendar Rabbit - Excellent that you have a clear definition of what Bella wants from that nose bonk. A previous post recaps how Bunya gives me the "give us treats" stare-down. They are smart ... they have trained us to get what they want!