Sunday, September 25, 2011

No Surprise - GHRS Fundraiser was Bunny-Rich Environment!

Kudos to GHRS.
Last night was their annual Wine Tasting and Silent Auction fundraiser.
Let me get the easy stuff out of the way first:
The food was excellent.
The music was great (live band).
There were an incredible number of auction items to bid on.
The many wines - from Rabbit Ridge Winery!!! - were delicious.
The most gracious host family's home was beautiful, large and inviting.
The people were friendly, amusing, entertaining, fun and, for the most part, as bunny crazy as we are.

Okay, to the point - there were "Bunny Things" galore!
The owners had bunny things - and bunnies!
The members of GHRS brought more bunny things over to decorate and serve.
The auction had myriad bunny things to bid on (got one, not another).

So, with my cell phone camera and pretty much in the order I spotted things,
"here we go"*:
(* Couldn't resist movie reference ... Joker in The Dark Knight)

Get your auction number
Bunny bookend

Could be Ethel
Could be Lucy

Bunny lamp - looks like Lucy

Bunny chandelier!


Serving dishes

Nested bunny serving dishes

He served one of the
many delicious cheeses

Auction items - to decorate in Bunny
(can you see the mug handles?)

Another auction item

Bunny lamp

Love this sofa pillow


Right ... you don't hear anything...
all of a sudden, you're surrounded
by little poops
Original autographed art
from comic strip

Several bids were made on this piece
One of three autographed prints (I got this one)





Bunny rug for auction

Really sweet host snuggle bunnehs!

Great cups
Spotted this walking out the door.
Very cool. Very jealous.

There were plenty of non-bunny things to bid on at the auction, too.
You will have to search for someone's "non-rabbit ramblings" blog to find those things, though.

P.S. Collage of the bun-watching on the "Bunny Things" page.

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