Monday, May 21, 2012

Bunny version of "manna from heaven"

As said before, bunnies are smart. They learn patterns, cues, triggers...

When preparing the bunnies' greens, we give them a second washing (the first rinse is when we buy them and put them in the frig). This is to get any dirt or other residue off the food and also to leave their meal "moist", so they get more water in their system (keeps the flow going).

The sink has a faucet that can be set to a spray. As soon as the spray turns on - if it's at mealtime - Bunya bounds excitedly over to the counter and begins his stare. He used to look for any spare sprig that may have dropped to the floor.

Now, we will take a piece of the parsley or cilantro and toss it high in the air, targeted to land near him. He will pounce on it and devour it.

Bunya awaits his pre-meal "amuse-bouche".

Then he happily follows the server and dinner plates to the pen, often with waggling ears and a little binky (it's not a big binky ... he's happy, but doesn't want to take so much time as to make himself late to the plate).


  1. I get the same "I'm ready, why aren't you?" stare from Jasper when I'm prepping their greens (and frankly, any time I walk into the kitchen).

  2. Oh Bunya, you make my heart go pitter-patter...

  3. He's such a smart bunny! I'm glad he's eating again, after his earlier GI issues