Sunday, May 6, 2012

Good signs of bunny re-bonding

Less hair tugs. That's good.

So, they're all together again, but not sharing activities quite like before. Hopefully, that will evolve to what it was before Bunya's illness/separation.

We have an extra litter box in the pen at the moment and are thinking about removing it now that they are all together again. As you can see here, they do enjoy the convenience of a 3 bathroom pen.

We were happy to see the "Bun-muda Triangle" trying to re-form.

They are all back together but Bunya happened to be running around the den and Ethel was in the pen (yes, the gate was open). Here, she smushes her little head through the fence to try to give Bunya licks and maybe get a few in return.

Another time, another Bun-muda Triangle.
This is what we want to see more of...

The Buncam lets us peek in on them from work once in a while. It's nice to see the detente.


  1. keep at it guys,it so much more fun when you play together and you guys make agreat trio

  2. "Your patience will be rewarded!" exclaims the wise grasshopper. :)

  3. What do you use for the buncam??? THat is such a good idea nad I would love to do it.

    We just got our babies spayed and neutered so we are going to be working on bonding too.

    1. Good luck with the bonding (may want to give it a couple of weeks for all the hormones to subside).
      Email about buncam.