Friday, May 18, 2012

Ethel on the high ground, or table

Ethel seems to be the bunny most taken with "the high ground".
Maybe she has a complex since she's the smallest.

She will hop on boxes and look around. Here, she hopped onto the fireplace and then the coffee table. She peeks over the edges and looks down for what might be an acceptable landing spot. At one point near the beginning, she looks like she's contemplating hopping over to the sofa, but decides that the coffee table surface is too slick for good traction (good call -- she's right). Before she jumps off at the end, she freezes and concentrates like an Olympic diver - then takes the plunge.


  1. Is it okay to follow you? I found you on The Daily Bunny's link. Such an adorable post on there, by the way! I love rabbits with hats.

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  2. oohh She's an olympian too! her talent just keep growing