Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bunnies watch the Olympics

There is little doubt in our minds that the bunnies will chill out and watch some TV with us. And when it's something he really likes and he does not want the pen fence in the way, Bunya will come flop outside for a better view.

Bunya: Hey, Humans - can we get some snacks here???

Well, the Olympics qualified for such prime viewing, in his estimation. You can see him in the lower right corner, clearly watching TV. "Clearly" in this context can also mean: no fence in the way.

Favorite bunny Olympic events?
Track & Field, specifically:
High jump
Long jump
100 meter dash

The bunnies also want to petition to add "Binkies" to the Track & Field events.


  1. I love this shot! But of course, it's Bunya! ;)

  2. Binkies an olympic sport great idea Bunya!

  3. I am not sure who has which side of the fence!

    1. You're right - maybe the bunnies let the humans out so they could see without the fence in the way!