Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bunny breeds

Cute? Or cute?

Breed: Havana         Origin: Netherlands
I say: Cute!

Anyway, came across this cute picture in a Wikipedia chart of bunny breeds. Not all the breeds have pictures, but there are lots of cute and interesting ones along with a few key facts, like weight, fur and ear type, and colors. There are a LOT of bunny breeds; many in the list link to more complete articles about the specific breed.

How accurate? [Shoulder Shrug]
Fun and interesting? Uh, yeah.


  1. That is def a cute bun!*little Squee*

  2. very interesting. of course you have to be wary of the accuracy of anything posted on wikipedia, but I did enjoy seeing some rabbits I had never heard of the the teddywidder (such a silly name) and the czech red (because I have czech heritage). I think the origins of the breeds and of course the pictures are the best part.

    1. 100% agree regarding Wikipedia! (That's why I rated the accuracy a "shoulder shrug").
      > : )