Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bunya's big chew toy

The tail end of a video trying to catch Ethel speeding around the room focused on Bunya. He was chewing on some cardboard, a big tube we have for them. We try to keep it on top of the rug fringe, to protect it and give them an alternative chew toy in the same vicinity.

So, this is just Bunya chewing, undaunted by the size of his task. All of them chew on it, all along it; Bunya just happened to look like he was going to work his way down the tube more methodically.

BTW, the tube was from a rug we purchased, the one we got to go under their pen. If you have bunnies, you are always on the lookout for good cardboard (although we did have to wipe it down - very dusty).


  1. Nice rabbits designing with good strategy of designing.I have read some excellent stuff here. Thanks

  2. Wow, that's a tube and a half, might take him a little while to work his way down but never underestimate the skills of a chewing rabbit :D