Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bunny mischief?

This just looks like somebunnies are up to no good ...

Said mischief is evidenced by the fact that about half the piping around the seat cushion has been nibbled away by person or persons (or bunnies) unknown.


  1. Clearly the bunny sitting on the chair is not responsible for the damages.. He's guarding it.. you know, in case the mystery nibbler come back.

    Umbra likes to nibble rubbery things too, shes chewed up the pleather piping on two of my purses (not to mention countless erasers of of pencils)

  2. Nah. That is a conference table chair. Been tattered by nervous employees.

  3. It was a cat! Snuck in the window and nibbled on the chair so Bunya had to chase it off and is guarding the chair for you! HONEST!