Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bunnies snuggle, one day at the water dish

Saw this one evolve.
Bunya was settled up against the cool water dish with Ethel nuzzling him.

Lucy spotted them and wanted in. Literally.
She hopped over and wedged herself between Ethel and Bunya, her ears up like little twin periscopes.

Then she lifted her head up for a moment.
Slid her back leg out to get comfy.
Rested her chin on Ethel's back ...

 ... and then she decided: No, I like it better snuggled down.

Bunya and Ethel never moved. They waited patiently until Lucy found her comfortable position.

And that's how I left them.

It always makes me feel good when they all snuggle into one version or another of the Bunmuda Triangle.

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