Monday, December 10, 2012

New bunny chew mat

Remember that at the GHRS holiday party, they had the mobile Hop Shop open?
Well, this is the present the bunnies got. It's a new chew mat from natural coconut fibers.

Something new!
Smells nice. Scratchy on the feets.
Hmmm ... too flat to chin properly.

Now it's even more interesting!
Anything is more interesting when you add a box of fresh grass!

It's part of the landscape now. The last one they got stayed fairly undisturbed for a while. Now it's maybe 40% gone. So this gives them some new flavors and textures. And sometime soon, they will work it to just the right angle for nibble access.

What do your bunnies like to chew on -- that you want them to chew on? What works for you when you are trying to satisfy your bunny's urge to chew?


  1. silky LOVES the apple sticks...he looks like a little farmer when he chews them lol. and he can chew them forever and swishes them side to side in his mouth without letting it fall out. its so funny