Monday, December 31, 2012

Hoppy New Year, including Bunny (Slave) Resolutions

Hi there. Bunya here with a few thoughts on the New Year ...

First, Lucy & Ethel and I want to wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Please be careful in your celebrations. If you drink, don't drive.
We don't have anything against moderate imbibing ... we've fermented a little carrot juice to celebrate, too. But we are staying home to celebrate. We hate cars.

Even if you don't drink, be careful driving out there, because not everyone is as smart as you. Don't text while driving either. Pretend you are looking at an orange juice carton -- concentrate.

Also, be kind to each other next year. And beyond.
Be kind to all pets and animals, too. (But especially bunnies.)

Take care!

Bunny bonus:
Here are 10 Resolutions for bunny owners from the Hopper Home blog. They were for 2012 but are worth repeating for 2013 ... and every year. (BTW, Hopper Home is listed on the Bunny Care/Resource Links page because it is an awesome bunny information bank.)

Ten New Years Resolutions for 2012 from a Long Time Rabbit Fanatic
1. I will never get too close to a shedding rabbit on my way out to work again: White rabbit hair sticks to my work clothes most days. I had an early meeting and couldn't find one of my many lint rollers in my office desk. I spent an hour with scotch tape frantically removing rabbit hair. Still, it looked like I was wearing an angora sweater. No bunny hugging until evening.
2. I won’t assume I can build an inventive playhouse for my rabbits with just a handsaw and hammer/nails: This type of project screams out for full scale engineering with drawings certified by an Architect. The rabbits love their cardboard playhouses I order online anyway. 
3. I will not read every news item that has “rabbit” and “menu” in the same title: It’s too depressing. I am horrified that the third most popular pet in the USA is butchered for food. I want to toss pots and pans at the trendy chefs who are serving these wonderful creatures as an entree. These are the same breeds I have as companions. Don’t these people have dogs and cats? Never mind. I will think of positive ways to discourage rabbit slaughter for pompous palates.
4. I will never think because other people call me a rabbit expert I will be able to bond two rabbits: Pansy and Sweetie are not interested and it has been almost a year. Car rides, vacuum cleaner sounds, squirt guns, neutral locations and all manner of stress are futile (I don’t like this approach anyway). Positive reinforcement with treats, toys and affection is pointless. They will get other partners. There is a first time for everything even after all these years.
5. I will not take for granted my home is “bunny proofed”: It just takes one new rabbit with a skeletal system that must fold or dislocate enough to get around the normal bunny barriers I have installed. Also, he knows what those back legs are for – jumping. I mean jumping really high over all man (or woman) made barriers.
6. I will never bring home another bale of hay from the grange before checking it first: A 60 lbs. bale of hay is a nice place to hide for bugs, small mammals and other creatures of a more reptilian nature. Enough said. I hate surprises.
7. I will never be embarrassed about my obsession with bunny poop again: One of my rabbits recently lived through a bout of GI Stasis because I was paying attention to his litter box contents and took immediate action. It may not work as a conversation starter at a cocktail party, but bunny poop is worth talking about.
8. I will never be flabbergasted about reasons rabbits are relinquished to shelters after this one: "The rabbit doesn't match my furniture since I redecorated."I don't think this person should ever have another pet again. Interior design trends are ever changing just like her concept of commitment to a living creature that can live to 10 to 12 years old. Go figure.
9. I will always pay attention to the sensory abilities of a rabbit: This past year a rabbit was credited with saving a family from a house fire in Alaska. Then there was the bunny, Hammie, who alerted a mother her daughter was having a life threatening diabetic episode not just once, but twice. Plus, a raccoon might have made it through a window if it weren't for a vigilant female bunny who lives with me. That's heroic in my book. 
10. I will never stop having admiration for the commitment of rabbit rescuers: The 2011 Year of the Rabbit has been like every other year for rescuers - full of rabbits. There have been many, many examples in the news all year. You know who you are, you are one person saving rabbits out of your home, you are fostering bunnies, you run a sanctuary, you are part of a organization like a House Rabbit Society chapter, an independent rescue or a shelter. You are everywhere in the world where there are domesticated rabbits. You make big sacrifices for small long eared creatures with your time and resources. You are amazing. [Amen!]

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