Wednesday, December 5, 2012

GHRS's Holiday Party

Love this sign that GHRS uses
to point the way to the festivities.

But it's all about the bunjamins - and there were plenty! Their human slaves brought them to have their pictures taken with Santa Claus (if he wasn't the real one, he was a close relative). Here are a few of the participants (pictured in the many pens GHRS had set up with hay, litter and water) having just finished or awaiting their turn to pose ...

I do "pensive" -
how's this?

Dressed up for his photo.

No I did not do all that!
I tripped over the water bowl.

"Brownie" here is the
scene stealer, out front.

Where's my stylist?!?

Is it my turn yet?

Love the little white nose.

This is my disapproving pose.
Take the picture. Now.

Groucho Marx -
Reincarnated as a bunny!!!
All he needs is a carrot cigar.
"Say the secret woid
and take my picture!

So many cute bunnies!
Here are some "featured" bunnies:

Took so many pictures of this adorable bonded pair but couldn't get their little faces in it.

So finally, their human slave held them for this photo.
(Squee at will.)

And get a load of this incredibly well-trained pair in their baby carriage!

"Monkey" checking out the goings-on.

And here's Mongo
(LOVE that name, but then, I'm a fan of Blazing Saddles -
and, yes, that's where his name came from)

Where, you might ask, is Monkey, now that Mongo has landed?
Well, under Mongo. Look carefully in the back of the carriage.
Mongo BIG bunny. Don't know if he likes beans, but he could ride a longhorn steer and knock a horse out with one punch.

Not really.
What makes Mongo extra special
is that he is a therapy bunny!
How cool and generous is that?!?

Volunteers set up a remote "Hop Shop"
so party-goers could select gifts for their bunnies.
(Will show you what I got the buns another time.)

Check out these hand-made
gift tags they are selling.
What bunny wouldn't
love to chew on those?
But they may be for
labeling human gifts.
(Bunnies might chew them anyway.)

You can check out the pictures with Santa at the GHRS Facebook page.