Sunday, December 26, 2010

Affection for bunnies

Affection for bunnies can manifest itself in many ways. Like someone who takes endless bunny pictures and videos, looks for bunny treats and playthings, and maybe even starts a blog about them.

Anyway, for my wife, there have been a couple of ways that affection has shown itself. Until we had bunnies, WE did not know she had a “pet” voice, a bunny voice to talk to them. You know it … it’s like a “baby voice”. It really just came out of nowhere and I was pleased to hear it; it’s like a whole other side of someone’s personality.

Until we started dating, I never knew there was a cooking channel. I never knew there were so many publications about food, but she gets them all, I think (Food & Wine, Saveur, Food Network Magazine, Knife and Fork, Fine Cooking … this just scratches the surface – and don’t get me started on the shelves and shelves of cookbooks).

Well, these are sacred to her. They go back years and years. I didn’t realize how much she loved the bunnies – and I don’t think she did – until she got a magazine that included a recipe for you-know-what.

She immediately ripped it out.

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