Friday, December 31, 2010

Roll call!

Bunya knows his name, although he may choose to ignore us (unless we come bearing treats), and Alice clearly knew hers. "Roll call" is our way of trying to teach the bunnies their names. It is a little more confusing when there are two new baby buns at the same time.

Roll call is when one of us has a handful of treats, calls out a bunny's name and then gives the treat to that bunny. Bunya knows what's up and so he's already jumped on the sofa to try to get closer to the treats. He has become "treat aggressive", a bad habit he picked up from Alice; the two of them would be running parallel across the room for treats and Alice (maybe 3 pounds soaking wet) would body slam Bunya on the way over, so she could get to the treats first. She was feisty!

Anyway, here's an early roll call. You can see Bunya try to take the treats as they are held out regardless of whose turn. And little Ethel is such a dainty (read that slooooow) eater, I am not sure she gets her share.

As I watch this, I can see that they have improved and we will have to video an updated roll call.

(P.S. Did you catch the bunny slippers? Hint: They were the two not going after the treats.)

Does your pet know its name? How did you teach it?

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