Saturday, December 25, 2010

The battle of the bunny slippers

In the right column, there are various items which I swear, we did not buy (all of them). But I have to fess up to the bunny slippers. I got them for my wife; they, like the bunnies, were too cute to resist. The timing was good - her old (non-bunny) slippers had worn out.

Now if you look at the "Togetherness" picture at the bottom of the page, you can discern that these slippers once had whiskers. Bunya made fairly short work of them. At first, they were bent out of shape, all whompy-jawed. Not too much later, he snipped them completely off with his sharp little teeth.

"We were just minding our own business" the slippers were overheard to say.

We thought that was the end of it until we were playing Scrabble one night. My wife had her feet stretched out under the coffee table and she all of sudden gave a shout.

Bunya had tugged off that slipper, hauled it across the room at lightening speed and was giving it what for. We are not sure what the slipper did to offend him or challenge his leadership, but the slippers have not ever tried anything since then.

Peace on Earth.


    No, seriously, they had different ones and the cat had small triangular ears set further apart.