Saturday, December 18, 2010

Alice got adopted!

Alice was the first bunny we tried to adopt. It was a long bonding period but they finally hung out together. They made a cute couple and then Alice got deathly ill. She was at the vet in ICU for a week. When she returned, we thought there would be a cute reunion and prepared to video it.

Well, Alice turned into the Tasmanian Devil and an extra from The Exorcist combined. She was jumping in the air around Bunya, doing twirling 360s. Bunya's fur was flying. We had to separate them. We tried to re-bond them for weeks but it was not going to happen in our lifetime. We took her back to HRS and have now adopted Lucy & Ethel in her place.

Alice's nickname at HRS was Cujo. She was just an angry little bunny (but soooo cute). Never before or since have we heard such a verbal bunny. She had her own little growling noise.

We visited the HRS today and were happy to find out that Alice got adopted. There was a real possibility Alice might have lived out her days as a sanctuary bun at HRS. We understand that she now sleeps in bed, snuggled next to her new human. Sometimes, Alice will settle on her new owner to hang out. And the new owner knows that Alice does not like to be touched and does not touch her. Perfect for Alice. No other bunnies on her turf.

We miss her and wish her well.

Pictures from better times...

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