Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bunny care - The Cardboard Jungle

Bunnies may be chewers, diggers, or both. Lucky me, I got both.

Bunny-proofing the area in which you allow them to range is very similar to baby-proofing -- if your babies were born with teeth that can cut wire with a single bite, were fast as lightening and could jump 4 feet straight up. Yes, you have to pay attention to higher surfaces and what they might use to get to those higher surfaces; think floor ... to chair ... to table or desk. (Desk? Oh boy, look at all those computer wires! Yum!)

The flip side of attempting to remove things that can do them harm or that you do not want destroyed (and believe me, they will think of something you haven't) is giving the bunnies something upon which they can exercise their natural inclinations.

Hence, what I call "The Cardboard Jungle". There is no mystery about who is the focus of our basement decorating scheme.

Ethel gives Lucy a kiss goodbye and then winks at her through the little tunnel window. 

We recently purchased a precut high rise. They all love it. Sometimes I hide treats in it. Here Ethel is on the top floor, chewing on the penthouse wall (another perk).

Whenever you can, buy your supplies from your local HRS (where this came from) to help support the rescue efforts.

"Do you have any fresh white pages today?"

As a matter of fact, yes we do. I just learned this one from one of the HRS volunteers. White pages only and tear off the glossy pages (covers) and personal injury attorney magnets (but you knew that).

Please note that the elevated tunnel is anchored so that it does not fall off and hurt anybunny. This was done by cutting a slit in the supporting boxes and inserting the flap of the tunnel box into it. Avoid tape and staples. Look for "natural" boxes without a lot of glossy/ink/colors. Cut in windows and doorways; leaving the flaps to the windows and doors is a bonus (more to chew).

Having bunnies has influenced the boxes I look for at Costco. "Why, yes, I do need this 3 foot square plain brown box to carry out my purchase of dental floss."

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