Monday, October 17, 2011

Bunny architect: Ethel Lloyd Wrong

One afternoon, this is what we found when we got home...

Hopper Hideaway - some RE-assembly required.
So we put it back together and came home the next day to this arrangement...

This went on for a while and we found out who the culprit was ...
Ethel Lloyd Wrong.

For Ethel, their pen is a "work in progress",
open to constant re-interpretation.
She has finally engaged the other bunnies in her efforts. We put it straight in the morning and they will do as they please for the next 24 hours.

Ethel seems to be the Mistress of Destruction, but she has got her hench-buns involved now, as illustrated in this clip:

Yes, I cut it down.
Yes, it is still too long (about 2 minutes).
I was just intrigued by how they kept coming back and running around and through the contraption, inspecting their work. Quality control is an important factor in all their endeavors.
About a minute in, Ethel will start rocking the left section upon which she seems so intent.
Near the end, at about 2 minutes, Ethel will assume the supervisory position to survey her domain.

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