Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bunya - a bunny's birthday

Well, Rabbits' Guy, if you like indoor chain link fence, then this is your internet stop. As RG kids but knows, many clips and pictures are shot through the fence because if I try to get closer, the bunnies stop what they are doing and move.

Yesterday was Bunya's birthday, or as close as we can guess it with what little we know. It is based on an estimate of how old he was when my daughter got him from the pet store. It was close to my wife's birthday, so we made hers his, too, and celebrated both.

So, did he get carrot cake and candles and presents?
No. I am not that crazy.

He did get some of his favorite foods and some extra treats, though. He watched me prepare breakfast. When I started walking to their pen with the plates, he gave a straight up in the air binky and ran to dig into his carrot tops and frisée.

Maybe Lucy & Ethel knew it was his special day too, because better than anything, he got extra special loving. Here B&E are getting lovin' from Lucy; Ethel waits patiently for her turn as the birthday boy goes first. At one point, L&E double-team loved on Bunya and he was in birthday bunny heaven.

And thank you for all the shout-outs and presents from Bunya's Bunspace Buddies!

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