Friday, October 21, 2011

Bunny manna from heaven ...

... or: Where are those treats coming from???

If you are a Regular Rabbit Ramblings Reader, you know that even when the gate is open, the bunnies spend most of their time lounging about the pen. Guess they're homebodies.

Well, to get them to move around some and, I must admit, to provide general amusement, I will sometimes toss treats into their pen. They know what is happening ... you hear a plinking sound when the treat hits the fence or some cardboard -- they immediately start looking around, trying to zero in on the last landing.

I had been doing this a little while and then decided to video it. So the girls had already located and scarfed down a few of the tiny treats. What I found most amusing was the difference in behavior between Bunya and the girls, Lucy & Ethel.

This clip is a little jerky ... I mean, it is Cinéma Vérité. While digging in the bag for treats and tossing them with one hand, I was holding the camera with the other.

Bunya wasn't going to burn any extra calories working for it. He employs his brain power.
He just stares at you until his Mr. Spock "mind meld" gets into your brain and he gets his treats.

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