Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to make a loaf of bunny

Ingredients: One bunny
Add: Nap time

Bunya loves to settle into the rounded corner at the gate to their pen.

Here, after noshing on a few treat crumbs in front of him, he first settles into the classic "bunny loaf" position. If he had been on the fireplace, he might have stayed in that position until ... well, someone waves a treat at him (or he hears a snack bag of any type crumpling anywhere, even if it's for the humans).

But in this case, he had to conform to his "corner" and so shortly after he assumes the loaf position, he flops his butt over like he has independent rear suspension.
Which I guess he does.


  1. Great little video, does he not tuck his front paws under?

    I have tagged you in a post here: throughroseseyes.blogspot.com

  2. My bunn, whose name is Dexter but we call Bunn(ironically) looks exactly like Bunya! also this is adorable. Seriously.

  3. @Rose - Yes, sometimes he will tuck his front legs under and sometimes he will stick them out further. He's very versatile.(Thanks for the link/tag!)

    @Taylor - I think Bunn and Bunya have a LOT of family here and about!

  4. That must have been a great treat to eat!!

  5. @Rabbits' Guy - Probios ... their favorite, even the crumbs!