Sunday, October 16, 2011

Miscellaneous rabbit ramblings

This morning was "clean the bunnies' pen and groom them" morning. In a prior post about grooming, I noted Lucy did not seem to be trying as hard to get away from us when we tried to pick her up.
Forget that.

This morning it was like one of those videos where the people are trying to chase the slippery pig through mud and grab hold. Not a happening thing. Eventually, the two of us trapped her and she got schooled. I mean groomed.

There was a post of some of the bunny things seen at the annual GHRS fundraiser. You can read more about the event at the GHRS website here. While you are there, you can, for example:
1. see great (and funny) bunny advice given by the Dear Abby of the bunny world, Miss Waffles;
2. donate to help save bunnies; and
3. explore the wonderful "library" of bunny care articles.

Speaking of Miss Waffles, she is one of the sweetest buns you will ever meet. When I was picking up supplies yesterday at the GHRS store, she was on duty at the desk. She let me pet her and laid right down to settle in for a long session.

If you go to GHRS, look for her. She is the desk bunny. That's where she lives, just to left of the computer and pencil cup. Write her at if you need bunny advice.

While at GHRS, I peeked in on the adorable bunnies up for adoption. Took a few pictures.

Coming attractions (that's so I can work in a movie reference):
Pictures of the current GHRS adoptables
Ethel Lloyd Wrong

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