Friday, January 13, 2012

The Great Escape

For starters, read the prior post.

So I got home. The bunnies are tipped off that someone is there by the beeping of the alarm. As I rushed downstairs, I thought I might have heard the drumbeat of bunny feet. My hope was that I would see the little gate we use to block the doorway still in place (yes, even when they are in their pen).

No such luck.
The gate had been breached.
They try to open this all the time, but we hook it so it should stay in place. They were finally successful.

I went into their area and they scattered. Well, Lucy & Ethel did. They dashed behind a table and box, respectively, and glared out at me with two of the guiltiest looks I have ever seen on an animal (Oscar, a wonderful mutt of yesteryear takes first prize, but the cats were never even in the running; the cats didn't care, so what was to feel guilty about?).

Not me, not me, not me, not me....

Nyaaaaa, what's up, Doc?

Bunya didn't think anything was wrong. He used to play in the areas Lucy & Ethel only dream of exploring but Lucy likes to eat carpet, so they're all restricted now.

Bunya just hopped into the pen, turned around grinning and stared at me like: "Okay, I am in the pen and ready for it to be shut while you are at work, so you can give us our treats now."

I had already done that once this morning.
Rabbit raisin left in treadmill room
Carpet and wood chews -
old or new?
There was evidence that they had not only breached the gate, but gone exploring...

Now we just have to figure how they did it.

Friday the 13th, huh?


  1. I just have to say... go bunnies :)
    The worst jailbreak we had here was in the middle of the night, my hubby had gotten up to go to the restroom and almosted stepped on a black bunny. Tricky little stinkers aren't they? Hope the damage is minimal.

    1. If I almost stepped on a bunny in the dark, I would be screaming like a little girl right before I had a heart attack (not realizing, it's a bunny).
      Tricky little stinker is right. Bunya did it again this morning and I found him in the treadmill room. Nibbles abound.
      Back to shutting doors.

  2. Callie did that once. Jumped onto the couch and over the barricade, into my room and jumped onto my bed (one very high jump indeed). Did this all at 2AM!! Nearly gave me a heart attack, then nearly did it again when she fled the room and got caught behind the barricade (and right next to the jungle of entertainment system wires!!)!!!

    1. And all she wanted to do was give you a nose bonk!