Sunday, January 15, 2012

Want to torture a virtual rabbit? There's an app for that!

Found this in a post today on HRS's Facebook page.
Just trying to keep you up on things in the bunny-sphere...

I like video games but why create one that allows the user to torture something? Anything?
Well, released last summer: Torture Rabbit
Are they trying to give serial killers a new start, a stepping stone before they start torturing real animals?

From the House Rabbit Society:
Stop Torture Bunny App - A company named Chillingo has created an app for iphones that allows users to virtually torture animated rabbits. While no rabbits are actually harmed in the game, HRS is distressed to find that the game encourages the torture of even virtual rabbits .... Please contact Chillingo, the makers of the game, and especially iTunes, which sells the game, to ask them to no longer sell this game.

Carmen Pearson
Head of PR & Communications

1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014

Someone on Facebook noted that if you have an iPhone, you can look up the app, scroll to the bottom and report it as offensive; there is also room for a comment.

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  1. Nasty .... everytime the New Yorker Magazine has a cartoon mistreating a rabbit, I send them a letter. I think it is working - they have just had cute ones now for a long time ...