Friday, January 27, 2012

The Mastermind of The Great Escape -- Ethel?!?

For speed and brute strength, count on Lucy.
For soft and bossy, see Bunya.
But for brains, look to ... Ethel!?!

Yes, we have been underestimating the LWB (little white bunny). We have teased her about her one brain cell and how sometimes she forgets it.

Well, news to us - she is the brains behind the bunny escape!
If you don't think bunnies are smart - you are WRONG!
Ethel figured out how to escape and remembered it over a week later (in the interim, we had just been closing the door at the end of the hall).

I put up the gate since I was home and in the basement. I was in the "treadmill room", talking with a friend there and noticed a little movement in the doorway ... oh, it's just Ethel. WAIT!?! Ethel? There are not supposed to be bunnies on this side of the gate!

We put the gate back and watched. Forgive the poor pictures with the phone (only camera available at the moment)...

Lucy is being old school - they would come up to the gate
and nibble the bars perpendicular to the ground.

Ethel: No, no, no, Lucy, let me show you...

Ethel: See, whatcha' gotta' do is grab this little bar
that is parallel to the floor and
at the side panel and lift *grunt* so that
it goes over the nail that holds it in place.

Ethel as a blur after she goes around the end of the fence

Ethel examines the difference between carpet and concrete
as Lucy ponders why she is now on the lonely side of the fence.

And, bonus - Ethel is the still sweetest bunny of them all.


  1. Muahahaha! I love it! Rabbits sure show US.

    1. LOL! No kidding - they are amazing little creatures.

  2. Cute but sneaky! Rabbits are like toddlers: into everything and need parents with eyes in the backs of the head!!