Monday, January 16, 2012

Little bunny wood chippers

Sunday morning ... buncam doesn't come on until later because it's clean the bunny pen day.

Everything out.
Everybunny out.

So, before I started emptying the pen, I gave them breakfast on their "terrace" in front of their pen.

To me, still one of the best entertainment values around is watching bunnies eat, especially their greens.

They're like little wood chippers; you can almost hear little engines grinding.
This clip starts off with Bunya.
Lucy joins in; she had taken a bunch of greens back into the pen to munch and came back for more.
~50 seconds in: Lucy has a parsley mustache
~1 min 30 sec in: Ethel starts munching on a long stalk and it bounces up and down like she's a maestro conducting an orchestra.

Then go fix yourself a nice salad.
> : )


  1. Ahhh, the sound of contented buns...nothing more heart-warming. :)

  2. Heard about this from other places - great!