Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another "Prepare to Squeee!" Post

All together now: Awwwwwww!

Snowblaze -
You may squee at will.

No, not Ethel or Alice, but another LWB* up for adoption.
(* Little White Bunny)

And here is the brief chain of custody (watch and read too many police procedurals) of how this adorable picture got to RR:
HRS's Facebook page shared this picture
which led to Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary's website. (Hereinafter "TTAS" ... what would we do without legalspeak?) TTAS is an Arizona animal rescue charitable organization.

So, Regular RR Readers, what have we learned today?
1. Bunnies are so cute.
2. Especially LWBs.
3. They lead to uncontrolled squeee-ing.
4. Being a fan of HRS on Facebook lets you see lots of cute bunny pictures and news.
5. If you go to TTAS (handy website link above), you can see a slideshow of the cute bunnies available for adoption (at bottom of homepage, titled "Bunnies Awaiting Forever Homes").

Example of other cute bunny pictures on HRS's Facebook page:
Giant babies at meal time ...

... and snoozle & snuggle time.
Mom: Giant Chinchilla bunny
Dad: Giant Flemish bunny
Babies: Giants Chin-ish or Flem-illas, but surely Giant

and their Facebook page is here.

Look for a bunny shelter near you -
Donate, Volunteer or Adopt.
When you want a wonderful pet - 
Think Fuzzy! 


  1. its all to much this cuteness...squee...squeee!

  2. I was ready to hop in the car and head for the east coast(only 10 hr trip) after seeing the pictures of the giant babies last night.
    This morning sanity has returned. I don't have enough hopping space in my condo for a 15-20 lb bunny (or 2 maybe 3?). Soooo cute.