Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Yawn, by Ivanhoe

I have not yet gotten a good yawn picture, so I snatched this one. HRS posted it from the New Mexico HRS chapter's Facebook page.

Fostered bun Ivanhoe
(Love the ears - looks like it's about 25 minutes 'til noon)

To steal a clever comment someone left, the picture caption should be:
Insert treats here!

Obviously from someone who know bunnies.

If you go to the NMHRS's website, they are currently displaying a slideshow of a recent litter entitled: Watch the bunnies grow!

If you are going to watch it, be sure to practice some vocal exercises first so you don't hurt your throat at the excessive SQUEEEs you will emit upon viewing it.

Look for a bunny shelter near you -
Donate, Volunteer or Adopt.
When you want a wonderful pet - 
Think Fuzzy!

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  1. awwww he looks so sweet,I love it when bunnies yawn and stretch at the same time