Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Great Bunny Stick-up

It's robbery, I tells ya'!

In this video, Lucy "sticks up" Ethel.

Watch for the first 18 seconds or so; after that is optional. You never know what's going to happen, so sometimes, you just keep the camera running.

Lucy snatched away Ethel's stick and right after that is when this clip starts - and Lucy does it again. I guess it's like that old saying: The other bun's stick is always crunchier.

Ethel, the loving peacemaker and trying not to start a fight, just picks up the stick Lucy dropped, which Lucy had previously taken from Ethel's mouth. Then Lucy's chewing the stick just became kind of mesmerizing; she's certainly a little bunny wood chipper.

BTW, apple-wood sticks purchased from GHRS Hop Shop.


  1. "what flavor is yours? do you want to trade?" lol that was really adorable

  2. love it ,they always want what other has..hehehe