Saturday, July 21, 2012

If bunnies competed in Olympic events ...

... there are so many possibilities: running, jumping, binkying, cardboard chewing, flopping, snuggling, grooming ... snacking ... power napping?

The breakfast postprandial "flop & snooze"

That's what this picture made me think about. I had given them their "goodbye" treats and was headed off to work. They scarfed them down before I was out of the room and flopped in place to begin the day's series of power naps.

P.S. Bunya grabbed the primo "chill" spot next to the still cool water dish.


  1. Its lovely to see a bunch of bunnies snuggled together.Speedy's sport would be the 100m sprint

  2. Those rascals probably lolled around like that until about 5 minutes before you got home and then they tore the place to shreds!