Sunday, July 29, 2012

Montana bunnies! LOTS of Montana bunnies

Searching for some pictures on the computer, came across these from a trip to Montana, to a time before we were bunny slaves ...

This sign there warned us that all wildlife is dangerous. And we saw lots that were ... as we were just, well, driving down the road. Incredible, really. Beautiful, majestic. But, this is a bunny blog.

So what about wildlife that has been exposed to humans ... lives in really close proximity to them? Well, as close as you can in Montana.

These were said bunnies - not domesticated - wild.
Not seeing the future, I did not take enough pictures of them
to give you a true picture of just how many there were.
The field was vast - and covered in bunnies of all sizes.
But just one "look" - alike.

Close-up of snuggle bunnies.
You can see how close they let people get to them.
LUCY is not that comfortable with it.

Here's a bunny who positioned himself in the shade ...

... while this bunny was periscoping for bright sun,
somewhere between the picnic table and the basketball.

Bunnies. Just love 'em.


  1. Bunnies at rest and play whats not to love

  2. jeez! I wonder how they can be so carefee. In Indiana there are probably less natural predators of wild rabbits, but I have never seen so many looking so relaxed in one spot!