Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bunny treat!

Sometimes, the bunny momma picks up some wheat grass for the bunnies' dining pleasure.
It's like a little piece of lawn comes inside just for them.
And they love it!

The bunnies excitedly gather round their dinner plate.

Lucy taking a breath between bites.
A very short, quick breath.

Lucy trying to go around back,
where there's less immediate competition
from Bunya and Ethel.

We usually let them munch for a couple of minutes and then remove it to regrow.
And one day, we forgot ... it got a bunny buzz cut.

Well, bunny momma goes shopping often,
so there's hope for more lawn treat next time.


  1. When you say shop... does that mean you can buy bunny grass some where pre-grown? How nifty is that! Scamp has to wait for it to grow from seed lol

    1. Yes! From the farmer's market. And the bunny buzz cut box o' lawn has already been replaced!